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                                                           ARCHIE (Tas) PARDALIS
                                              ARCHIE PARDALIS COPYRIGHT 2011


                       BILL AND THE MAGIC JACKET

Bill lived not far from his school. His parent’s did not have much money to buy him new shoes and clothes all the time, because most of the money had to go towards paying off the house. So Bill often wore the same clothes to school. The other kids picked on him all the time because of his clothes. His friends, who were also poor, got the same treatment.

Bill was twelve years old and had a pet frog called Jumpy. Every morning he went past his friend’s house with his frog, so they could go to school together. When they arrived at school one morning the bullies were waiting there ready to pick on him and his friends, Steve and Joe. Jack, one of the bullies, ripped Bill’s jacket.

Bill and his friends kept the incident to themselves. Luckily Bill left Jumpy at Steve’s house that morning; he could have been hurt, Bill decided to stay home the next day, because he was afraid of the bullies.

Having saved his pocket money for a while, Bill wanted to buy a jacket in town, since he had the day off he thought it was a good opportunity to go and buy it. Steve and Joe also stayed home, in the morning when Bill’s parents got him up for school, he pretended he was sick, but as soon as his parents left for work, he called his friends to come over so they could catch the same bus into town.

They got off the bus and saw the Fun Shop and went inside, it sold magic cards, magic wands and lots of other fun and exciting items. Bill spotted the jacket he wanted and walked over to it, “it reminds me of something American Indian,” Steve said. It was a brownish colour with drawings of animals; blue lines going from left to right, and had Spanish lettering on the back.

The shop owner approached Bill and his friends and said. “You like it young man?” “Yes”-said Bill. “This is one of a kind,” the man pointed out, “is it still the same price?” asked Bill, “Yes,” the owner replied. As the owner gave the jacket to Bill he said, “The jacket has the magical power to grant you three wishes, be careful what you wish for. One other thing, do not wish for more than the wishes initially granted. The rules come with the three wishes. Should you ask for more wishes you would not be able to undo the events that occur… ”

They walked out of the shop and Steve asked, “What did he mean, when he said about the wishes?” “It’s a trick shop. He just said that because we’re kids,” Bill replied, they spent the rest of the day looking around. The same night Bill’s parents found out about the jacket, they were not impressed. It had cost sixty dollars and he had lied about being sick, his parents wanted him to take it back and get a refund, “there are much cheaper jackets, half of that price,” his dad said. “If we fall back on our payments any more the bank will take the house,” “it’s not that we don’t want you to be happy, it’s just that you will need that money to buy jeans and shoes for school,” his mum said. Bill was unhappy as he liked the jacket so much and wanted to keep it, he sat on his bed with his head down, his father walked into Bill’s room and told him to take the jacket back to the shop before going to school.

In the morning Bill went to see Steve and Joe and told them the situation, they took the bus into town, got off and walked in the direction of the Fun Shop. Then in surprise they stopped, Joe said, “Where is it?” “It’s gone!” Bill said. “How can that be? We just came yesterday,” Steve stressed. “Did we get off at the right stop?” Joe asked, looking baffled. Yesterday the Jean Shop and Record Shop were to the left and right of the Fun Shop, now they are wall to wall. When they asked the people working in the Jean Store about the Fun Shop they couldn’t recall there being a Fun Shop next door. Bill, Steve and Joe went to school baffled, Bill wore the jacket to school.

Nearing the school grounds Jack one of the bullies, spotted Bill and his two friends and commenced picking on them. Bill, out of anger yelled, “I wish all the bullies in the school would turn into toads,” believe it or not, Jack and the other bullies turned into toads, “what did you do?” said Joe, “I just…wished that they’d turn into toads,” said Bill. “It’s the jacket!” Steve stressed, “It can’t be!” Bill replied, “Try taking it off for a second and wish for something else” Steve said. Bill took the jacket off and wished for a mountain of chocolate to appear in front of them, but nothing happened, then with the jacket on he wished that it would rain, it did. But there was not a cloud in the sky; the whole school looked up at the sky in amazement.

“There are only three wishes; you have one left said Steve,” they thought about what to wish for. “I know… will wish for three more wishes, using the last wish” said Bill. But when he wished for it to stop raining using one of three new wishes, it didn’t work. Soon the whole town would be flooded, “why?” said Bill, who was now scared, then he remembered what the owner of the Fun Shop had said. “Only three wishes!” “OH, NO!” Bill exclaimed, “what do we do now?” Joe cried. Steve pointed out, “Bill you have three additional wishes on the jacket, wish for the owner of the Fun Shop to appear in front of us.” “Will the new wishes work, and if so, can the owner of the Fun Shop help us!” Stressed Bill, rain continued to fall.

Bill closed his eyes and crossed his fingers and desperately wished for the owner of the Fun Shop to appear in front of them. The owner of the Fun Shop did appear in front of Bill, Steve and Joe. Bill asked, “How do I stop it raining?” The shop owner looked up at the sky while being rained on, and replied “Only three wishes young man! Because you wished for more wishes, you cannot undo the events that are taking place here. They’re the conditions on the jacket. But, I can tell you this; there is a secret passage under your school left by the American Indians a long time ago, the answer to your problem lies within. There are three Spanish gold coins on a tablet, if you pick the right coin it will stop raining, the toads will turn back to bullies and a bucket of gold coins will appear at any given moment. Two out of the three coins, if picked, will make it rain even harder and nothing will stop it; also the bullies will stay toads.” “If I pick the right coin, why can’t the bullies stay toads?” Bill muttered. With that note the man vanished, Bill and his friends ran into the school.

“This way, I believe; I know where the passage is,” said Steve, they walked down the stairs to the basement of the school, looking around; Joe saw Spanish words written on the wall. “Over here!” Joe called, luckily, there were picks and shovels down in the basement, and they used them to knock down the wall as they pulled out the bricks, they could see the passageway. They did not need torches, because the walls were emitting a green light.

Walking through the tunnel they past skeletons, armour, helmets, swords, arrows and spears, it was warm and Bill took off his jacket and laid it aside as they went in search of the coins. Walking through the tunnel for about five minutes, they came to the end, and could see the three gold coins placed on a tablet. “Which one do we pick?” Joe asked. “Pick the one on the right, I’ve got a good feeling about that coin,” Steve suggested. Bill looked at the coins, but could not make up his mind, it was a very tense moment for the three boys, finally – Bill picked the one in the middle. He clasped the coin in his hand and they walked back to the tunnel, carefully as not to bump into the skeletons, they made their way outside, “let’s see if we picked the right coin,” Joe exclaimed.

Bill was looking for his jacket, but it had gone. It had stopped raining too, and all the bullies had turned back to their natural state. Bill saw Jack one of the bullies, run across the school grounds wearing the magic jacket, he ran into the chemistry room, Jack knew the jacket was magic, a while he was a toad he heard Bill talking to the shop owner. The jacket still had two wishes left, Bill and his friends were afraid that Jack would wish something bad happen, to get back at Bill for turning him into a toad; they had to get the jacket off him before anything happened.

As they were about to pursue Jack, Bill and his friends were flung to the ground; no one knew what was going on, the teachers and the kids saw all this happen and were dazzled. Bill, Joe and Steve could not believe their eyes, Jack had wished for the school to be placed on an active volcano, and with the remaining wish, Jack was going to wish himself out of there. The volcano was ready to erupt any moment. They had to find Jack – who had the jacket. Joe said, “Look over there, it’s Jack!” “He’s unconscious -over there- how do we get over to him?” Steve said. Part of the school had been torn apart during the eruptions and formed a gap between Jack and the boys, “Steve, go to the gym and get some rope!” said Bill, lava started to erupt, hot and smoky.

Coming back with the rope, Steve passed it over to Bill, Bill tied the rope to a bent bar that he found, he wanted to hook the bent bar onto a cement pole lying a metre from Jack. After three failed attempts, he hooked it onto the cement pole, he climbed across and looked down; he could see the lava coming towards him. He quickly made his way across to Jack, took the jacket, and tried to put it on – but the volcano erupted and shot the school into the air. Bill had not been able to put the jacket on and waited for the school to fall back to Earth.

He struggled to get his arms into the jacket, and with the last wish asked for the school to be placed safely on the ground, where it belonged, it worked. Everyone had cuts and bruises and some kids were crying, Two ‘American Indian’ ghost-like figures appeared from nowhere and walked straight up to Bill and his friends. They pointed at the jacket Bill took it off and gave it to them, and they silently walked away with the jacket and disappeared. Bill had lost the jacket and the wishes, that meant everything to him, he was downhearted and went home.

Bill neared his house and saw the Bank Manager entering from the front gate, Bill’s mother was crying on the porch. Bill walked towards his parents on the porch; something caught his eye on the lawn. It was an iron bucket full of Spanish gold coins. Bill had forgotten that when he picked the right coin in the tunnel, it would give him a bucket full of gold coins. He was looking at a sum of two million dollars. Bill paid off the bank, gave his friends some money, and bought himself another jacket.


Achie(Tas) Pardalis Children’s Writer


Hi Alex my

Email is:

I hope you like the stories. Tell me in the comments if you liked the stories. When i come to Stussies i will say hello. Have a good Christmas and Happy new year.

Take care



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